Precision Stringing - Racquet Service

Racquet Care

Take care of your investment with basic racquet care.

  • Avoid Temperature Extremes.

Avoid extremes such as hot cars during the summer and freezing temperatures in the winter.  Head is arguably the worst extreme for your racquet as it can damage both the strings and the racquet itself.  

  • Replace Grip and Overgrip.

Replace your grip and overgrip after they become worn, dirty, or lose their original feel.  A secure grip keeps the racquet from twisting upon impact (which can compromise your control and place excessive stress on your arm).  

  • Restring! Restring! Restring!

Strings can lose tension and resilience over time, after which performance and feel declines.  Visual signs of a worn string bed include excessive fraying, discoloration, chronic string movement, and loss of control.  For these reasons, we recommend that you restring about every 50 hours of play.  

Quick Tips

If your racquet starts slipping and sliding in your palm, you likely need a grip change.  If the ball starts launching erratically off the string bed, it is probably time to restring.