Precision Stringing - Racquet Service

String Types


Synthetic Gut

Offers good all-around playability for a great price.  Ideal for budget minded players or anyone who is learning the game.  Consider Gamma Synthetic Gut, Prince Synthetic Gut, or Head Synthetic Gut.  


Offers comfort and power, Ideal for non string breakers and / or any player who wants easier depth with a more forgiving feel.  These are the most popular strings covering a wide range of abilities.  Consider Tecnifibre NRG2, X-One Biphase, HDX Tour, Wilson NXT, and Gamma Professional.  

Polyester / Co-Polyester

Offers control, spin and durability.  Firm, stiff feel.  Ideal for string breakers and / or advanced players with long, fast strokes.  Consider Babolat RPM Blast, Luxilon, Volkl, Kirschbaum, and Solinco.  

Natural Gut

Offers maximum comfort, power and tension maintenance.  Consider Babolat VS Touch or VS Team.  


A combination of two different string types, to blend performance variables like power and control or comfort and durability.  


Multifilament polyesters, premium synthetic gut, kevlar, and shaped strings.  Consider Head Rip Control, Gamma TNT2, Gamma Fusion Plus, and Prince Topspin.